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Rosmarin Honey Rosmarin Honey
Miel de Romero

Rosemary Honey

Is the typical honey of the Mediterranean region,

snowy amber color and thick consistency, the crystallization is nearly white.

Recommended for:

- Liver disease, heartburn and stomach ulcers.

(Relieve congestion of the liver.)

-Against rheumatism, gout, cirrhosis, epilepsy

weakness, dizziness, fainting.

-Combats physical exhaustion.

-Suitable for gastrointestinal ulcers and dysmenorrhea.

-Traditionally it is said that is good for memory

-which is true, thanks to lithium ....

Not recommended to hypertensive patients as it is a little toning.

Read on if you want a more extensive information:


"Of the virtues of rosemary could write a whole book"

Spanish Rosemary Honey might be considered the best in the world.


Lithium, a naturally occurring mineral present in rosemary honey

It is a natural substance. It is the nature as a salt.

Honey Rosemary is recommended as a liver stimulant, forgetfulness, fatigue and decay, convalescence, liver failure, heartburn heartburn and ulcers of the stomach or duodenum.

The stimulating in cases of fatigue, canvalecencia, fatigue, etc.., Is due to its complex composition in which include antispasmodic, against whooping cough, asthma, throat irritation due to snuff. Women should use in case of absence of menstruation (amenorrhea)

Its regular consumption increases the rate of hemoglobin in the blood. Honey is a sedative that acts on the whole body. But the striking of rosemary honey regularly consumed stimulant action is your brain

Popular Uses:
    Stimulates blood circulation to the head, making that improves concentration and memory.
    Calm headaches and migraines.
    It promotes hair growth by improving blood flow to the scalp.
    To treat epilepsy and vertigo
    Weakness associated with poor circulation.
    Help to recover from chronic and prolonged stress.
    It is believed that stimulates the adrenal glands and is used for weakness, especially if accompanied by poor circulation and poor digestion.
    It is usually prescribed to people who, although not ill, are stressed, and "thrive".
    It is valued as an herb that elevates the spirit, and is useful for depression, mild to moderate.
    Applied dilution, calms the rheumatic pains.
    Sore throat.

Main therapeutic indications ROSEMARY HONEY:

Stimulating the brain.

Especially Rosemary Honey, it is stomach, and is Lithium which is a brain stimulant. So it is a tonic for depression and major tract. It is good as a pectoral, and some balsamic. Its vitamin A helps the eye, and the vitamin B is also present, including the B-12. It is the best honey in the brain for lithium it contains.

Shown to attenuate the amnesia

External Uses:

traditionally been applied against muscle aches, and even occasionally for gout.

It is one of the best honey as a disinfectant, preventing infections.

Already been used in ancient wars, to heal the wounds, including open.

The regular season of flowering rosemary is usable from San Jose to San Antonio on June 13. If the year is good, in San Isidro and is extracted from the hive.

A good way to take the Honey Romero to fully benefit from their property would be in the morning and raw. For this I recommend a good tablespoon daily, dissolved in the mouth

On the honey in general to consider:

After collecting the honey, the only process must be filtered through a sieve, so that "honey settles settling down in the bowl, leaving up the solid particles it contains. Then only is their packaging." Processed in this Thus,"a few months, the honey tends to crystallize." Regarding the process of crystallization of the honey, which acquires its solid structure and appearance, "Crystallization is a natural process Whenever you are well packaged and without a process industrial processing, all crystallized honey. If after a time of harvesting and packaging can not crystallize, or by having a very high humidity, above 25%,with risk of fermentation is excessive moisture either due to thermal process thatunfortunatelyunfortunately many honeys are subject to break the crystalline structure of the sugars and thus to arrive limarla liquid market, , as consumer demand without bee culture. "

Over 50% of honey consumed in Spain were imported, while honey here in the country are exported in a large proportion of northern Europe, which are more concerned about good bee products. Import honeys are good only become competitive in price, not quality.

Traditional uses of the plant Romero:

-Rosemary oil - Rosemary oil is obtained by distilling the flowers of rosemary and tender stems. Applied to the hair prevents hair loss and dandruff, relieves itchy scalp, acts as dewormed-lice and nits. It is also ideal for treating dermatitis and muscle contractions.

Infusion of rosemary: - Spend ten minutes to boil the flowers and stems of rosemary will bring us many benefits. Applied directly to the scalp, rosemary infusion in greasy hair acts as debugger. Rinsing the mouth with it to help quell the halitosis. Soak a cloth in the infusion results in a poultice to relieve muscle pain and torticollis.

Alcohol rosemary Rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago, bruises and soreness have rosemary in the spirit of his greatest enemy. It is prepared with rosemary oil and alcohol of 95 º. If soaked in a soft, we have in our hands a powerful weapon against muscle pains. In addition, alcohol rosemary is one of the main ingredients of Water, Hungary, alcoholic lotion with which it is said that Queen Elizabeth of Hungary rejuvenated.

In the kitchen has diuretic and digestive, making it a perfect condiment to accompany entrees and fatty. Therefore, in Andalusia there are many stews and red meat dishes and game they find in their seasoning rosemary ideal like the LAMB WITH ROSEMARY. The sauces, especially tomato, and dressings, are delicious when they incorporate some leaves of either fresh or dried rosemary. Moreover, small purple flowers of rosemary can be added to salads to give them a touch of color and exotic air.

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